Connection Point has a long history of supporting works which further the mission of Christ both locally and internationally. Our congregation is actively involved in reaching out to our community. On the international front, teams of missionaries from our church travel overseas to bring disaster relief, build churches, train Christian leaders, and preach the Good News of Jesus. For more information on these campaigns, please check the ‘At Home’ and also the ‘And Abroad’ pages of our website. 
Connection Point Church of God provides monthly support to:
Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry (ABCCM) provides Christian based humanitarian aid to all of Buncombe County through its many ministries including:
*  Crisis Ministry serving over 36,000 Buncombe County residents with grocery,  
   utilities, clothing and furniture assistance and also providing over 75 hot
   meals per day.
*  Jail Ministry serving an average of 424 inmates per month.
*  Veterans’ Restoration Quarters serving over 650 veterans with emergency
   overnight shelter, job placement services and permanent housing assistance.
*  Homeless Ministries serving over 1,350 homeless individuals.
*  Homeless Prevention & Rehousing Program serving 7 families and 18
   individuals who were moved off of the street into homes.
*  Medical Ministry serving over 4,400 medical and 380 dental patients with
   medical, dental and prescription assistance.
*  Steadfast House serving over 100 women and 50 children with emergency
   shelter and permanent housing assistance as well as life skills classes.
ABCCM has many voluntary opportunities available. If you are interested in volunteering in any of their ministries, please call their volunteer coordinator at (828) 259-5326 or email them at